Over the last month we have heard our owner Robert Young talk about going above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. He does this by sharing experiences so it will resonate with the team. There are two specific examples that Robert and the team at Covert Results would like to share. If you are an aspiring business owner or entrepreneur you may want to take note.

Tennessee Titans versus the Minnesota Vikings football game, everyone was making plans. Friends and family were getting together, deciding what sides to make, and what craft beer to get. Except for Danny, he only drinks Miller Lite. And you can be certain that if you bring anything to his man cave other than Miller Lite, you will be made fun of. Side note: Our owner likes to drink Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Danny makes fun of him all the time.  

Just as we are loading up and getting ready to head out to watch the game Robert’s phone rings. “Hey man, I can’t make it to the hemp farm.” At this moment there is no way anyone would be available to cover the armed security shift that starts in 30 minutes. What does the owner of a private investigations and security company do? Run back in the house, change, put my gun on and head out. 

While working the armed security shift at the hemp farm, a middle aged man and his high school daughter pull up to water the plants. Robert introduces himself and tells them he is the owner of the security company. The high school girl snickers, then they walked away. Later, in a lengthy conversation with her father, he tells me that his daughter was laughing at the fact that the “owner” is working a shift and even on a Sunday. The Titans won by one point. 

Tennessee Vols versus the Alabama Crimson Tide, everyone was making plans. Friends and family were getting together, deciding what sides to make, and what craft beer to get. Sound familiar? Danny had Miller Lite and Robert had Rogue. 

During the first quarter, when it was still actually a game, a call came into the business. Knowing Shelby could not answer the call, Robert stepped away from the game and answered. After a 40 minute phone call, Covert Results had landed another armed security contract with a construction company. Well, before it was set in stone Robert wanted to send an RFP (request for proposal) just to be sure. Instead of watching the Vols get hammered in the second half, Robert spent the next hour drafting and perfecting the RFP. That evening Covert Results received the go ahead for the job. 

The next day, a Sunday, Robert made a trip to Lowes to purchase supplies to ensure the construction site was more secure. Additionally there was an issue with trespassers entering and exiting the facility. Within 24 hours, the Covert Results team placed “No Trespassing” and property under surveillance camera signs, as well as deployed two cameras on site. Then, our staff notary Shelby prepared a “Trespass Waiver” to be executed then delivered to the Metro Nashville Police Department. These services were not included in just “armed security services” but our owner is always thinking of how to be better and going above and beyond. Going above and beyond has now landed a second construction site that was referred by the client from that one Saturday phone call.  

To assist any businesses in Davidson County with getting a trespass waiver, just click HERE. Or you can just call our experts at Covert Results. 

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