Can you imagine partying on Broadway, just having a good time enjoying the honkey tonk bars, and the next thing you know, you are in the slammer charged with Robbery! Well, this is exactly what happened to a highly decorated and accomplished military pilot in Nashville, Tennessee.  

A military pilot was out one late Friday evening enjoying some cold drinks, the flashy lights on Broadway, and in the company of fellow military friends. This trip was one he had been looking forward to for a long time. He was excited to be out celebrating his recent promotion, and was eager to see what the night would bring. He was expecting nice bourbon, polite banter, and maybe even a ride on a mechanical bull. But what was supposed to be a well-deserved night out, quickly went south, when he was hit with charges that could ruin his career he had long been working to build up.

Covert Results was contacted by a Nashville Attorney to assist with the “Robbery” investigation. Something just didn’t seem right. Stories between the plaintiff and defense rarely mirror each other, but the two sides of the story we were hearing, simply did not add up. Since the case was pending in General Sessions, licensed private investigators were able to identify surveillance cameras and subpoena 8 Nashville locations, including the Federal Courthouse, in hopes of capturing this incident. While eyewitness accounts tend to be shaky, video surveillance does not leave room to be disputed or misremembered. 

Between a nearby Church, and surprisingly the Federal Courthouse, Covert Results investigators struck gold! After reviewing the footage it was clear that the “victim” didn’t have her Nashville knickknacks stolen; in a drunken fit, she hurled her purse at the defendant and items when flying down Broadway. Angry and likely embarrassed, when police arrived, she stated this man robbed her. Clearly not true! 

No doubt all parties had much to drink, but as to someone being charged with Robbery, it simply was not the case. The military had been clear from the start that he did not rob anyone, and being able to present corroborating footage was just what our client needed to win his case. Covert Results investigators obtained & served subpoenas, obtained surveillance footage, interviewed persons involved, completed detailed reports, met with Attorneys, attended court, and spoke to the ADA. The charge of Robbery… dismissed! 

The case of our military pilot was a whirlwind, to say the least, but our ability to go above and beyond for our clients is reflected in all our cases. We are thankful that he made the knowledgeable decision to hire us and are thrilled that our investigative work aided in getting the charges dropped. No one deserves to be hit with charges for a crime that was never committed. Here at Covert Results we put in the work to find out the truth, and present the findings in a way that is indisputable. 

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