Could you imagine being in prison for a crime you didn’t commit? That is exactly what happened to Adam Braseel. Adam spent twelve years in a Tennessee prison for a murder that he didn’t commit. When the TBI decided to re-run a fingerprint, some 10 years later, from the murder scene of Malcolm Burrows, there was a hit. But, it wasn’t Adam’s. The print was from a cop killer and now deceased Kermit Bryson who also had red hair and owned a gold car, like Adam.

Attorneys Alex Little and Zack Lawson of Burr Forman Law contacted Covert Results in 2019 to assist in the investigation and to prepare for a new hearing. The newly developed fingerprint was amazing, but there was more! Covert Results investigators were given various tasks, such as: finding new witnesses, speaking with old witnesses, and researching (really) old information…all in the hills of Grundy County.

Investigators were able to go “undercover” at a local Mexican Restaurant to interview Kermit’s wife, conduct interviews in jail where 2 people were developed as witnesses, and used reliable databases to research old information. 

At the June 26, 2019 hearing, Covert Results investigator Robert Young testified based on new developments in the case. Investigators were able to uncover information regarding the gold car along with identifying two new witnesses who had a lot to say regarding the murder. 

Following Robert’s testimony the two newly developed witnesses Cody Crisp and Elizabeth Rictor testified. Crisp testified confirming that Kermit owned and operated a gold car around the time of the murder and Rector stated that Kermit told her that he killed Burrows. 

After this damning evidence Adam Brassel was offered and accepted an Alford plea; just so he could finally go home. Adam, his legal team, and community pushed for a full exoneration from Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. In December 2021 Governor Lee issued a pardon of exoneration to Adam Braseel. Covert Results investigators are proud to have worked to help make it possible for Adam to get his life back. 

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