After the morning of December 29, 2019, we’re certain people are going to be lined up to take a class from Jack Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a firearms instructor, gun range owner, and former Sheriff’s Deputy in White Settlement Texas. That fateful Sunday morning Mr. Wilson had to display his expertise on a man who decided to open fire during the service at West Freeway Church of Christ. It took Jack only 6 seconds to deliver one shot to take down said active shooter and save countless lives. Mr. Wilson is a hero that has been preparing for a situation such as this and we believe you should too. 

As of January 1, 2020, the legislature passed a law stating a Tennessee resident, that is eligible to possess a firearm, can now obtain a concealed carry permit via online course. The course will allow you to learn and obtain all information that would be needed to get your concealed carry permit. This would encompass a Ninety (90) minute online permitting video and still require applicants to pass a criminal background check. The new law is a cheaper and faster way for Tennesseans to obtain a concealed carry permit. 

The information covered in this course will primarily be a course reviewing the realities of carrying a concealed weapon. Many topics would include: how to store your weapon properly, best way to carry your weapon, and when your firearm can or cannot be used. The course will allow you to learn all the information on what is needed to carry your firearm. However, additional situation training for your firearm is always encouraged. 

We at Covert Results are approved for our very own online concealed carry class. At Covert Results, we offer a hands on customizable experience that is fast, easy and thorough to getting your Permit. Our online training at exceeds all the requirements for the Tennessee State Law. Our top goal is to create a course that provides the trainee knowledge and confidence to operate a handgun safely. is taught by retired undercover Metro Officers with over Twenty-five (25) years of expertise in law enforcement and firearm safety. It is more than the “states powerpoint” and we consistently stress the importance of safety and training. Our training provides education, promotes safety, and can even reduce crime! Just ask us how ???

For a complimentary consultation, one on one training, or just more information on this course please contact Covert Results at 615-861-1680,, or visit our website at

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