Covert Results investigators have spent a lot of time working vastly different cases. Each client comes with a unique set of facts. Clients seem to know what they’re looking for in a Private Investigator, but what is an investigator looking for in a client? Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways to be a good client. Here are a few things to do as a client to better help us work your case!

  1. Realistic Budget

There’s a reason you gave us a call to work your case. Your budget needs to reflect the amount of work you want done. If you’re requiring your investigators to follow around your ex-spouse for hours on end, expect to pay a lot for that time. You would expect to have photos/videos, case reports, and even possibly have the detective testify to the findings. Our investigators have over 100+ years of experience and that experience can be worth a bit more than if you were hiring someone less knowledgeable. 

2. Let the PI’s do the work

We appreciate your input and the fact that a client is enthusiastic to help out in their case. However, your investigator is the one with the experience and training. Let us do what we know is best for your case. Surveillance is an art, the last thing we would want is for you to possibly get hurt or even burn your entire investigation. Keep faith in your team; we know what we’re doing!

3. Have as much information as possible 

There are times when clients need a background check or want to reconnect with an old friend. However, they are going to be fairly hard to find if the only information you have is their name. Keep in mind that investigators thrive on details. Be sure to share everything you know regarding your case. Some things may seem miniscule or unimportant but it could be a tiny piece that helps find the person you’re needing to locate.  

Helping clients get the best results is exactly what Covert Results strives to do. We enjoy hearing how we could help in anyone’s case, no matter how small. The key is having good/helpful clients. A good client can truly drive a case to achieve a desired resolution. Just take a look at Covert Results Google Reviews to see how we have helped over 100+ satisfied clients.

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