One year in the books! Covert Results has had a very successful first year. From following that cheating husband at 5 am to pulling trash on a custody case, the private investigative side has been interesting. We also took on several appointed “AOC” cases for various Nashville attorneys. Those attorneys have been excited about the work our investigators were able to produce…Proven Results.

On the armed security side, Covert Results landed a popular event venue outside of Nashville as a regular client. Our active and retired officers were also deployed at Fortune 500 companies and a major conference with over 5,000 attendees at Opryland Hotel. We have also served undercover, blending into various work settings after threats of violence to employees or establishments. As always, our top priority is keeping the client safe!

As if managing a business wasn’t enough, I wanted a past experience to be known and my voice heard. Over the course of eleven months, my team and I put together one hell of a story; A book based on a wiretap case where I was lead Agent. The case, set in 2014 and 2015 had a major impact on the city of Nashville after a record cocaine seizure worth more than 3 million dollars. The book titled “Gray: Rise & Fall of 1422,” chronicles cocaine, corruption, money, politics, and even death.

2019 is already starting strong and we know it will keep getting better. Covert Results is in the process of adding two investigators to the team. Both are extremely talented and have dynamite resumes. This year Covert Results will focus more on training and education as we partner with the Collaborative Reform Initiative (Cri-Tac). Speaking engagements and a podcast are on the horizon. Like & Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to remain up to speed!

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