As Christmas draws closer, we are all trying to track down the perfect gift. While hiring a private investigator to achieve that goal sounds odd, it can be a practical approach. Covert Results has the experience and training to take on this type of asset location and/or recovery.  

Just a few weeks ago, we received a call just like this. A son, trying to track down his dad’s old truck was just the type of present that would require our services. This family had parted with the truck nearly 15 years ago but they were determined to track it down and make every effort to persuade the new owners to sell. While this is a lesser known service, it is not so different than tracking down a person.

Locating the vehicle was the easy part, our investigators used law enforcement and investigator only databases to find the new registration. Then we needed to find contact information for the new owners and hopefully persuade them to take a call from our client. Again, investigators resorted to the usual techniques; database and social media searches revealed the necessary information. While we never know how a call will be received, this seems to have had a happy ending. We were able to connect our client with the current vehicle owners and the truck should be on its way back home for Christmas.

While that asset recovery was a little more fun, we also have been contacted recently, to locate and repossess a piece of equipment. The idea of repossessing assets always has a more negative connotation, but it has to be done. In this circumstance, a family invested a very large sum of money into this equipment with the intention of leasing it as a source of long-term income. When the Lessee defaulted on the agreement, the family began rapidly losing money on their investment. And that’s where Covert Results comes in. We were contacted by the family attorney and within 24 hours were able to locate the property. This again required the use of database searches but also physical surveillance. We obtained the paperwork necessary to legally facilitate the recovery of the property and Covert Results was able to facilitate a positive outcome for our client.

If this type of asset location/recovery is something you would need, be sure to give us a call. Covert Results is a private investigations and armed security company with 100+ years of experience. Our team is highly trained investigators and security experts who are well versed in all types of investigations and security matters. We now have two dedicated offices, one in Nashville and one in Clarksville. For questions about private investigations, professional armed security, handgun training, or consulting please email, call, or visit our website.   615-861-1680