In a recent podcast interview with the Nashville Daily Podcast invited Robert Young to discuss his two decades of experience with law enforcement and the private security industry, as well as his involvement in the largest cocaine case in Nashville history and how he is giving back to the community by fighting human trafficking in Middle Tennessee.

This podcast episode provides valuable insights into the complex world of law enforcement, private security, and the battle against human trafficking in Nashville.

Robert shares his background and his journey from working in law enforcement in Nashville, TN to establishing his own private security and investigations firm, Covert Results.

Where It All Started In Law Enforcement

Robert Young started his career in the Metro Nashville Police Department. During his time there, he worked on a range of cases, including drug trafficking and wiretaps. He mentions some of the challenging cases he encountered during his tenure, listen now to get a glimpse into the complexities of how law enforcement has changed over the years.

Like every company and organization there’s internal issues and conflicts, and while Robert speaks positively about his experiences with the Metro Police Department, he highlights the invaluable experiences and lessons he gained during his time there, which have greatly contributed to his success in his current endeavors.

Young transitioned from law enforcement to entrepreneurship in March 2018 by founding Covert Results. This private investigations and security firm has grown substantially over the years, boasting a team of 15+ licensed investigators and over 100 armed security officers, many of whom are current or retired law enforcement and military personnel. Young shares more about how the business has grown over time.

Battle Against Human Trafficking

Nashville, like many other cities, is not immune to the growing problem of human trafficking. Young discusses the multifaceted impact of human trafficking and emphasizes the urgency of addressing this issue. It’s a challenge that spans drug networks, gangs, and even international cartels, and Nashville’s status as a major tourist destination makes it a hotspot for trafficking.

In January 2021, Robert founded Operation Rose to focus on actionable solutions for the local community and provide training based on real life experiences in the human trafficking industry.

Challenges in Schools Today

In light of the recent school shooting in the Nashville community, schools have been focused to look at school security, particularly in how to better keep your children safe while at school. Young touches upon the need for protecting children in schools and discusses the challenges of implementing security measures.

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