Most people think of Process Servers as Dale Denton in the beginning of Pineapple Express. However, it’s much less glamorous… Covert Results investigators have been asked on many occasions for service of process on a variety of cases. This necessary step to a case has proven itself to become more difficult. Believe it or not people don’t really like being served. Covert Results has done the research so hopefully next time you’re served, you’ll be a bit nicer to your process server.

Hiring a process server is an important step in ensuring a legal matter is heard by the court. Process servers provide defendants with notice of a pending lawsuit asserted against him/her. Process servers are vital because they help uphold due process of law. The U.S. Constitution requires that no person is deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of the law. In accordance with due process, the process server performs a key function of protecting the defendant’s rights by providing him/her with notice of a lawsuit/legal proceeding filed against him/her.

Initially, a county’s sheriff served legal papers on defendants. As cities populations grew, process servers were used to alleviate the demand of ensuring documents were served in a timely manner. Proper service of process officially establishes jurisdiction over the defendant. Once a party is properly served, he/she must appear in court. If the defendant is properly served, and is aware that he/she is required to come to court, but fails to do so, the plaintiff can request a default judgment against the defendant.

A process server may be required to deliver a variety of legal documents to a party of a lawsuit. This includes writs, subpoenas to produce documents and/or testify in court, formal complaints, and a summons to appear in court. A process server can also help you track down a defendant to provide service of process. Most states require neutral third parties over 18-years-old to serve court documents, so, litigants often hire process servers.Once a complaint is filed, the plaintiff is required to personally serve it on the defendant. There are limited circumstances in which substituted service of process may be allowed, including service by publication.

This is why hiring a process server is a better option. In our experience, investigators are sure to get photo or video proof of the service and will return the signed/notarized documents back to the attorney or court based on the needs of the client. We are even able to attend court (if needed) to testify the documents were properly served. Next time you’re looking for someone to serve legal documents, make sure you’re hiring a company like Covert Results to ensure you’re getting the most professional and knowledgeable service possible. Oh.. and don’t forget to be kind!

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