As the top rated private investigations firm in Tennessee one could imagine, we get all kinds of calls. However, one of the most common requests is for surveillance. A word my sister says she can’t even spell; Sur-veil-lance, is the monitoring of behavior and activities while gathering information or intelligence for the purpose of influencing, managing, or directing. Observations documented by a licensed private investigator can save you a lifetime of headaches. 

Just last week, we closed two civil cases with fantastic (proven) results. In the first, Investigators with Covert Results were called to Civil Court in Davidson County to testify about our findings in a child custody case. The client requested that we conduct surveillance on their ex-spouse after the Judge issued an order stating, the new ‘significant other’ could not be around the child. We conducted stationary surveillance and captured evidence on four different dates, proving the ex-spouse violated the order. Once we showed up in court and presented our evidence, it was case closed! 

In the second case, Investigators with Covert Results conducted mobile surveillance on four consecutive days, in an effort to prove the spouse was not exactly faithful. Again, we provided results and now the attorney has the ammo necessary to bury the other party. 

These instances make surveillance look easy but that is far from the truth! Next time you are driving down the road, pick a car out in traffic and just start following it. See how far you can make it without being “burned.” While you are at it, make sure you aren’t right behind them, locked on their bumper, but also be close enough to keep a visual and far enough to not get noticed. It’s hard, surveillance is an art. It takes years of practice to perfect, but give it a shot and see how it goes!

Mobile surveillance isn’t the only type, but there are other forms. One of the most popular ways to conduct surveillance is through a camera. It’s 2019 and there is a plethora of technology out there, just make sure you do your research and don’t break any laws!

At Covert Results we have extensive experience in these types of surveillance: stationary, mobile, on-foot, camera, electronic, GPS, internet, and others. Covert Results investigators have 82 years of law enforcement enforcement combined, are all licensed and insured, and can handle the high-stress situations of following an individual. 

Covert Results, LLC is a fully licensed and insured investigations, security, and training company, providing honest services to law firms, businesses, corporations, and individuals. If you need help, give us a call. For a complimentary consultation please contact Covert Results at 615-861-1680,, or visit our website at