The Hidden World Shocking PI Secrets

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Introducing Michael Donaldson, a seasoned investigator with Covert Results and 23-year tenure at the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD). His extensive experience spans from undercover operations to homicide investigations, marking an extraordinary career. In this enlightening blog post, we will explore Michael’s seamless transition into private investigations, emphasizing the significance of his expertise and its relevance to your interests.

Donaldson specializes in undercover operations and pharmaceutical drug investigations. While there is a widespread desire to trust the professionalism and adherence to the law of doctors, nurses, and pharmacy technicians, this is not always the reality, particularly in a city as significant as Nashville, TN. Investigating such cases demands the utmost integrity and diligence. Notably, Donaldson, as the sole MNPD Detective trained for these cases, brings a unique expertise to ensure thorough and meticulous examination.

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in law enforcement, Donaldson seamlessly transitioned to the realm of private investigations, establishing his own company before joining Covert Results in 2018. This transition enabled him to leverage his extensive investigative skills in a novel capacity. Donaldson’s real-life expertise serves as a cornerstone in shaping the training programs at Covert Results. Notably, the founder of Covert Results, Robert Young, received training in undercover narcotics from Donaldson as far back as 2012.

Donaldson underscores the imperative of continuous learning to ensure the provision of optimal services for our clients. We remain abreast of the latest technological advancements through strategic investments, enabling us to attain the best possible outcomes. His recent week-long training in Las Vegas concentrated on updated techniques in homicide investigations, DNA genealogy, and the effective utilization of cell phone and GPS tracking technology. Staying current is essential for delivering efficacious results in an ever-evolving landscape, particularly when acquiring evidence for a case.


Donaldson elucidates the pivotal role of a private investigator in scrutinizing alibis. Through the presentation of evidence, expert testimony, or the adept utilization of advanced surveillance tools such as drones, remote cameras, or trackers, investigators can construct a compelling case, substantiating claims of guilt or innocence.


When engaging with a Private Investigator (PI), it is crucial to ensure accurate information before speculation. The expertise of a private investigator can serve to validate facts, preventing premature conclusions. Documenting patterns and acquiring comprehensive information is pivotal, facilitating an informed and efficient investigative process. Covert Results is known for quickly deploying an expert lead investigator on the case, ready to tackle any case that is brought to our firm and delivering results that matter.

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