Some of us are relieved at the sight of 2020 coming to a resolution. Even with all the uncertainty that COVID-19 brought us; Covert Results decided to persevere. With adversity thrown in the way, our investigators worked tirelessly to ensure our clients received the best work possible. Bad things happen to good people every day and Covert Results has helped people in all walks of life. Here are a few examples of what we can do for you based on our top 10 cases worked in 2020. 


Case 1: The State of TN v. Oluwayebi Areola

Covert Results investigators stepped in to help Mr. Areola after he was accused of attempting to run over a family in a shopping center. Investigators did what they do best and immediately started to interview potential witnesses. After multiple interviews there was word that video surveillance existed for these stores. Once the video was obtained and reviewed by our investigators, it proved that the information in the warrant affidavit was untrue. When Attorney Joey Fuson took Covert Results case report and video findings to court, the charges against Mr. Areola were dismissed. 

Case 2: 

Investigators were called to review a case based on rape allegations. Once Covert Results dug deep into the case, the accused music producer would soon receive clarity on his reputation. He provided investigators with social media information of the accusing female and Covert Results continued to dig.  After conducting a very thorough background check, social media scrub, and locating incident reports from other counties; we were able to establish a pattern of accusations from the female. Similar incidents were reported in various other counties, but not prosecuted. Further we found social media evidence that supported the fact the incident did not happen. Ultimately the District Attorney’s office agreed with Cover Results findings and decided not to prosecute. 

Case 3: State of TN v. Steven Rucker 

This case was based on a lengthy drug investigation. The police had searched multiple homes but those searches never seemed to be conclusive. Attorney Nick McGregor hired us to review discovery, speak with neighbors, and conducted multiple interviews. Facts led investigators to a family member who had the same name as our client. The case ultimately ended in a nolle prosequi. 

Case 4: 

This Robertson County father was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly shooting his gun in the air. Covert Results was contacted by Attorney Bernie McEvoy to help investigate the truth in what occurred. Our investigators went to our client’s home to meet with him, took photos of damage done to his home, recreated the crime scene, and administered background checks on those said to be involved. After findings by Covert Results, the charges were dropped against our client.

Case 5: State of TN v. Montarius Bean 

This case involved an attack on the Defendant’s sister. Covert Results started work immediately by reviewing the discovery and conducting various interviews. After a deep investigation, we discovered, Mr. Bean was acting out of self defense and defense of his sister’s life. These facts were pulled together in a case report to be presented to the District Attorney. Once reviewed, the District Attorney agreed with Covert Result’s findings and Mr. Bean received a nolle prosequi outcome for his case. 

Case 6: 

Covert Results investigators can also be used as expert witnesses. In this case expert witness Robert Young gave his testimony regarding his expertise in drug transactions. After the testimony from Mr. Young the court lowered the charges on the defendant to a simple possession charge. 

Cases 7/8: 

Hemp vs. Marijuana is a hot topic in today’s society. Covert Results Hemp vs. Marijuana expert, Robert Young, has testified multiple times on this subject. Each testimony given shows the court key differences between Hemp and Marijuana and how they aren’t completely discernible to the naked eye. Based on Mr. Young’s knowledge of the matter the court has found relevance in the similarities of hemp and marijuana to better assist clients in their marijuana possession cases. 

Case 9:

Private Investigations is not the only facet of the Covert Results business. We are also a professional armed security company. Our officers have provided varying types of security; from executive security, venue security for events, construction security, and even private security overseeing the CMT Awards remote concert. Covert Results utilizes retired/active police and/or prior military to ensure every officer is knowledgeable and highly trained to ensure complete safety of patrons and assets. 

Case 10:

Covert Results also works on a wide variety of legal cases. Our investigators have been asked countless times to help on civil litigation cases specifically divorce and child custody disputes. We have the ability to deploy covert cameras to gather evidence on behalf of your case. Our research and reports have been used many times to push the court in favor of our client.


Investigators and officers worked over 400 cases in 2020. Our team has grown and expanded for the better. We dove head first into opening an office in Clarksville, enabled more of our team to be state certified instructors, and developed strategies to better serve our clients. 2021 may hold uncertainty but if history has shown us anything, Covert Results will just get better! 

Covert Results is a private investigations and armed security company with 100+ years of experience. Our team of highly trained investigators and security experts are well versed in all types of investigations and security matters. We now have two dedicated offices, one in Nashville and one in Clarksville. For questions about private investigations, professional armed security, handgun training, or consulting please email, call, or visit our website.   615-861-1680