Technology today is ever changing. Even young kids are having to utilize technology in everyday life. The more devices we acquire the more items we have to keep track of. Apple devices have always been especially easy to locate utilizing the “Find My” app. But what happens when you want to keep up with a person or item that is not already an Apple product? 

“Apple has created a solution to that question in the form of a GPS tracking device more commonly known as the Airtag. AirTags are tiny plastic-and-metal disks, each slightly bigger than a quarter. Apple built them to attach to — or fit inside — all kinds of items, so you can more easily find them when they go missing” (Washington Post).

“Apple’s AirTags are useful and relatively inexpensive, which might make them great gifts. But some people are instead using the $29 Bluetooth trackers as stalkers — tiny homing devices that transmit their location right under people’s noses.”

“Many high end vehicles are finding Airtags placed on their cars to follow them back to their homes. Apple has long insisted that AirTags are only meant to help people find their own lost items, but not everyone is on the same page about how they should be used. If you own an iPhone, built-in tools make it relatively simple to spot an AirTag on or near you. But if you are one of the millions of people who own and use Android phones, finding an AirTag that’s too close for comfort can be harder than it should be.”

“It could be problematic for an Android user but developers have thought of everything. There is not an app meant to help Android users find and identify AirTags around them. It’s called Tracker Detect, and you can download it for free from the Googles Play Store. Utilizing the App is also very simple. By using the App to scan your area to see if there are any Airtags in your area.”

But is this information all trustworthy? Covert Results has utilized this technology so you don’t have to. We purchased the Airtag and placed it with one of 0ur investigators and the host phone left for several hours. The host phone was miles away and could still see the location of the Airtag on the individual. Since the tag did not notify any phones around, the tag was taken home with our investigator. In about 30 minutes the Airtag made itself known by providing a notification on the iphone near the tag. It appears as though, if the tag were kept within a distance of the host phone, it would not notify the other phones. 

This information could be concerning for parents and those who are worried about their safety. “Hopefully Apple will realize that tracking is a growing cause for alarm and work with other brands to work out the kinks. For now, though, if you’re an Android user concerned about being tracked be sure to download the Tracker Detect app.” If you’re an Apple user who believes the host phone may be staying close it might be worth it to have an investigator conduct a bug sweep on your car, home, or any items where the tag could be hidden(Washington Post).

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