Time is precious. Time is money. Time affects everything that we do. So how do you feel when a hacker targets you and your precious time and interrupts that time by attempting to hack into your business and personal life? And if the hacker is successful and actually compromises your data then there is nothing you can do…or is there?

So what is a hacker and where did that even come from? In the 1960s, ‘hacker’ emerged as a designation for an individual with expert programming knowledge who could craft highly efficient code; they had a knack for “hacking away” superfluous instructions and streamlining programs. Basically a guy cut some corners and boom…a hacker was born. 

The term hacker can have a positive or negative connotation depending on the definition. In a negative sense, hackers can be people or groups who gain unauthorized access to websites by exploiting existing vulnerabilities. We imagine them as a large group of people sitting around with nothing better to do than prey on vulnerable individuals in hopes of defrauding or tricking them out of their own hard earned money. In a positive sense, hackers are computer professionals who discover the weak points in IT applications and help to resolve them. In a broad context, hackers are technophiles who enjoy finding solutions to complex tasks.

Yes, there are good hackers. The good ones can be referred to as ethical hackers who take a proactive approach to protecting organizations from potential security breaches by identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable steps. By leveraging their expertise, these individuals are instrumental in safeguarding the technology of many businesses and individuals. It’s people helping people; really smart and talented people and professionals doing the right thing. 

Ethical hackers are tech-savvy professionals who use their specialized knowledge to protect organizations, businesses, and individuals from potential security breaches. Essentially these are the people you want on your side to punch the bad hackers in the face; digitally of course. Just a waste of your time and potentially your money. If you have been targeted by a bad hacker and you need help identifying whether you have been hacked or your network has been breached Covert Results can help! Covert Results has partners and resources all over the world to assist our clients in offensive prevention and protection to provide peace of mind. 

A group of hackers recently attempted to infiltrate Covert Results by calling our business line and telling our accounting department that the business card had been declined and they needed to update the subscription payment. This fraudulent call was followed up by an email with a link. With a little due diligence and utilizing our very own databases, it was quickly determined that these were hackers…scammers wasting our time! So, we decided to play a little game and waste their time. We can’t go into exact detail of what happened next, but let’s just say that one or two of those hackers might have not slept well that night.

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