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In the wake of Fox 17 News investigations exposing vulnerabilities in Metro schools, the need for robust security measures has never been more apparent. The tragic incidents at Sandy Hook, Uvalde, and recently at The Covenant School in Nashville underscore the imperative to fortify our educational institutions against mass shooters.

Despite the availability of funds, Nashville public schools have been hesitant to deploy armed police officers due to a shortage of staff. This raises serious concerns about the safety of our most vulnerable—the children in our schools.

Addressing this concern, Covert Results, a prominent Nashville security company, has taken a proactive stance by providing armed guards for 11 private schools. Dean Hubach, at Ezell-Harding Christian School stands as a living testament to this initiative, equipped with a ballistic backpack that includes bulletproof panels and backup weapons.

Founder Bobby Young emphasizes the necessity of having trained personnel for effective security. While ballistic panels and cameras have their place, they fall short in active shooter scenarios. Young firmly believes that when it comes to confronting a shooter, there’s no substitute for a trained person with a firearm.

What sets Covert Results apart is not just the presence of armed guards but the comprehensive toolkit they carry. The ballistic backpack is equipped with bulletproof panels, extra weapons, a first aid kit, and more. It’s not just security; it’s a lifeline in critical situations.

Parents, the safety of our children is in our hands. The reluctance of some public schools to embrace armed guards leaves our kids exposed. Covert Results is ready and willing to collaborate with concerned parents to bring enhanced security to public schools. As we navigate these challenging times, Covert Results remains committed to securing the future of Nashville’s schools. Thank you, parents, for taking an active role in prioritizing the safety of our children.

If you believe your child’s school could benefit from armed guards equipped with ballistic backpacks, reach out to Covert Results. Your active involvement can make a difference. Contact them at or call 615-861-1680.

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