Things are starting to open back up. There will be new jobs, new opportunities and a chance for the economy to start to build back. New faces will start to appear in response to your job postings. The process for these applications will need to begin by assessing qualifications and seeing what type of person is in your office. Background checks should be done every time a new hire is considered. But, how are your background checks being  administered? What information is truly being gathered by your system in place? Many people don’t put references down that would speak poorly of them, and former employers can only verify employment. What information is truly being gathered? Covert Results has done the research and has firsthand experience on how to administer a quality background check. 

 Many offices utilize databases. Each database is about the same in function and price. Some are even open to the public for personal use if a fee is paid. However, that does not mean the information you are receiving is the full history of your potential hire. There are databases open to police officers and private investigators that give a more comprehensive report. The database used by us at Covert Results is called TLO, it can provide a comprehensive report listing information anywhere from your criminal history to your current residential address. Information gathered from this database is confidential and will be shared only with those who have completed the necessary contractual obligations. We ensure our clients get all the information they require. However, Covert Results doesn’t just stop there; a thorough background check requires a lot more work. 

 Databases are great to go ahead and get some of the work done, but a good background check should go a step further. States are made up of various counties and cities and each one does not necessarily report to State agencies. If every county or city doesn’t fully report then the report you get, may not truly be comprehensive. Databases can also contain errors. As we have never come across an issue using our database, we are fully aware it’s possible. The average database used by the public may not be as reliable as you believed. The best thing you can do is hire a private investigator a true comprehensive background check. Covert Results has trained investigators that know how to conduct research to give you complete information. Interviews should be conducted as well as a social media sweep. Investigators can dig deep and even do individual courthouse jurisdiction research. These are skills our investigators have refined; professional knowledge of where to look and how to gain the information desired. 

Covert Results’ professional investigators are well versed in how to conduct a thorough background investigation. Despite utilizing one of the best databases, our work does not have to stop there. We have recently moved our services to a satellite office in Clarksville. Located with Patton and Pittman, 101 N. Third Street, Clarksville, TN 37040. Covert Results is available to advise on how we could help your case, give pricing for the type of work you’re looking for, and even answer questions on how you could help yourself to mitigate the situation. If you or your attorney find yourself asking about private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please email, call, or visit our  615-861-1680

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