Corporate investigations can serve a variety of different purposes. Investigators are primarily used to uncover fraud, respond to cybersecurity threats, and gather reliable data for internal, confidential review. Covert Results has done the research on when hiring a corporate investigator is necessary. 

If there is little time to waste, how can corporate leaders ensure that they do what is necessary to protect company assets and shareholders? Here are a couple scenarios where companies may need to hire corporate private investigators to collect evidence and gather the intelligence they need to make the right decisions at the right times.

Breaches of corporate executives’ and board members’ fiduciary duties must be addressed quickly and with a focus on protecting the best interests of the company. A corporate private investigator can conduct an independent, unbiased, and covert inquiry focused on gathering the specific information needed in order to (1) determine whether a breach has been committed, and (2) inform an appropriate corporate response. Companies have a lot to lose when dealing with this type of breach. Covert Results knows what and how to investigate. 

Another issue is reviewing allegations against employees. Companies must take all allegations of workplace discrimination and harassment seriously. This begins with conducting an investigation to assess the merits of the accusations. The scope of the investigation will depend on the nature of the allegations; but, in all cases, it is imperative that the investigation be independent, unbiased, and comprehensively documented.

When a corporate investigation is necessary, there is usually little time to waste. There is also little, if any, room for error. This applies not only with respect to the comprehensiveness of the investigation, but with respect to its confidentiality as well. Covert Results has the experience to gather the necessary information. Regardless of your specific needs, Covert Results has you covered!

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