Today, landlords need to be more careful than ever. Since the beginning of COVID the laws have caused a lot of squatters issues but landlords need to know exactly who is living on their property at all times. Background checks have become necessary with potential renters. Covert Results investigators have the ability to run these comprehensive checks on potential leaseholders that may be moving on to your property. We also have first hand experience where a landlord did not run a background check and ended up losing money and dealing with vandalized property. 

We were contacted by a landlord who had recently evicted some tenants from her property for causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Since they had been removed from the property they were still sending people over to try and dig up the yard and cause even more property damages. This is when Covert Results was asked to get involved. Due to our investigator’s years of experience, they felt the reason these people keep coming back to the property could be drug related. 

Our investigators took the time to visit property and search for anything the tenants may have left. Our investigators were also able to do a full security consultation. Due to the nature of the former tenants we recommended the installation of security cameras on the property to deter the tenants from ever returning. Our Security experts immediately gave the landlord two quick solutions to better secure their property which included moving all present cameras to a better field of view and also posting additional signage around the property. These are just two small things that the landlord did not even realize. We were also able to do comprehensive background checks on the individuals causing the issues in the event they were to ever return. 

Also, say while speaking with the landlord we learned that a security company was posted at the home and was supposed to guard the property, however the landlord discovered the security company was leaving early. Lucky for the client, Covert Results is also an armed security company and was hired to conduct overnight security to maintain a secure environment for the landlord.

Background investigations are the cornerstone of almost all investigations. Whether on their own or as part of a larger case, the background investigation is a vital component in most casework that allows the private investigator to develop a person’s history, possible motive and verify information about an individual or organization. Covert Results has all the tools to better help your case. Just give us a call!

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