Many businesses have struggled while trying to come up with a way to be productive through the pandemic. COVID-19 has left many businesses questioning how they’re going to serve customers, keep their employees, pay bills but most importantly how to keep their people safe and healthy. Business that can send everyone home to work still have to worry about productivity levels. Are the employees still getting the same amount of work done from the couch? 

Covert Results still has the ability to put in the work we are committed to, our team is fully capable of doing most of our pre-pandemic activities from home. While there are a few exceptions, i.e, in-person meetings are out, but technology can bridge that gap.  Conferenced phone calls and zoom meetings can used to help strategize with you/your legal team, interview witnesses, and gather additional evidence. Prepping for trial can become a top priority since there is more time to work with.

Case strategy meetings can be even more beneficial since we will have additional time to dive into the details of your case. Discovery review can be more focused with court dates pushed back. If it is cost effective for our client, we can really dig in. Background checks and social media searches were already online activities. If your case merits the time, we can go through those online posts from back in 2005.

While crime scene and site visits can’t take place from our home offices, we can get out and do the legwork while continuing to social distance. Also, surveillance can’t happen unless we move around, but it was, and still is the ultimate social distancing activity.  Unless your target is only working from home; then it gets a bit tricky! 

We have adapted to make sure our team can stay productive and on top of all our cases. We’re not giving up on work and neither should you! Let Covert Results be the help you need. For a consultation on private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please email, call, or visit our website. 615-861-1680

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