It is clear, after five years in business the general public does not really know or understand exactly what a licensed private investigator does. Covert Results, a private investigations and security company in Nashville, Tennessee has learned a thing or two about the market and the customers. At Covert Results we listen to the story, whether driven by stress or fear, and put a plan in place. Investigators develop a plan to help the potential client and guide them to their goal. Below is a list of a few services, along with stories from past cases. 

Infidelity aka ‘Cheater’ cases. In the past five years Covert Results investigators have put in thousands of hours of surveillance to include conducting surveillance on alleged cheating spouses. One case Covert Results utilized a ski boat, binoculars, and a high powered camera to capture the evidence we needed to get the job done. Sometimes it is just like the movies, but more often, it is not! 

Child custody cases. These cases are likely one of the most difficult to deal with. One parent, or even a grandparent, is trying to gain more or full custody of a child. This is not something a private investigator should take lightly. At Covert Results we utilize various technologically advanced tools to ensure our case is thorough and complete to deliver the best results to the client and/or attorney. 

Murder cases. Yes, you read that correctly. At Covert Results, we are hired to investigate cases in which someone has been charged with a crime. Not only can this be a safety net for attorneys, the skilled investigators at Covert Results can help determine if the person charged actually committed the act. Hiring a private investigator in the early stages is paramount to a case. For one example, Covert Results investigators were able to help a military pilot through his robbery case. Well, it was definitely not a robbery, but he was charged with that! Investigators executed 15 subpoenas on businesses searching for video footage of this incident. What we found was the truth. The victim threw her purse at the military pilot and lost her belongings. But, when the police arrived she told them he stole her purse and items. The video spoke for itself, which we presented to the prosecutor who promptly dismissed the case. 

FMLA cases. This is yet another type of service that falls into the surveillance category. FMLA and worker’s comp style cases are similar in that they are investigated to determine if someone is flat out lying about being sick or hurt. In many cases the client has so many indicators that tell the story but they need solid proof to drive the “nail in the coffin.” 

These are just a few examples of what a licensed private investigator can do. From surveillance to interviews and report writing, it is important to document everything, preserve the integrity of the case, and to maintain trust with the client.

Covert Results is a licensed and insured private investigations and security company with over 100 years of experience. Our team of highly trained investigators and security experts are well versed in all types of investigations and security topics. With global connections through the Entrepreneurs Organization we are confident that peace of mind is in your future! For up to date information, experience shares, and laughs follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @CovertResults