When preparing for trial there are some essential steps each attorney should take. Making sure your client is ready, putting together your trial materials, and most importantly making sure you have your witnesses prepared. A vital part of trial can be your expert witness. Covert Results has the ability to testify in court on an array of subjects and become an asset to your case. 

The weight a jury puts on the testimony of the expert witness is up to them but there are many reasons to hire an expert witness to push your case along. Historically, expert witnesses have worked in most cases. Experts can represent the facts or complicated issues in a clear and accurate way that could help the jury better understand the case. This is much more than basic testimony, experts provide insight into issues that can result in a positive outcome for either side. 

Covert Results investigators have years of expertise to bring to the courtroom. Recently one of our investigators was able to give his testimony on drug transactions. Through questioning, the attorney was able to establish the experience and personal knowledge our investigator had on all levels of drug transactions; low level all the way up to one of the largest drug busts in Nashville. Once his knowledge and expertise was recognized by the court, questions pertaining to the matter at hand could commence. Our investigators testimony ultimately aided in a positive outcome for our client.

Either side of the court has the option to ask questions to the expert witness. The witness can be used to drive or negate different points for the prosecution and the defense. Covert Results experts are always sure to prepare for court and immerse themselves in the issue at hand. The better we understand the facts of the case; the better we can help explain your position. If you find yourself in need of expert witness services on a pending matter, see how Covert Results can add an element to your case. For a consultation on expert witness testimony, private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please email, call, or visit our website.

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