Attorneys are expected to deal with a number of tasks when it comes to working a case. Regardless of the size of their firm, attorneys need to have systems in place to avoid ethics complaints, ineffectual counsel claims, and even possible malpractice claims. According to the Tennessee Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Responsibility for the last fiscal year there were 1,528 official complaints filed. But how can attorneys avoid getting these complaints filed? 

Through 2021 the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility kept up with many different types of complaints. The top complaints were Relationship with client or court, trust violations and coming in at 44% of complaints were “Neglect” or “Failure to Communicate.” These complaints are coming directly from clients alleging ineffectual counsel within State and Federal courts. Fighting these claims can cost attorneys a lot of time and money. This is why Covert Results is here to help. 

Hiring an investigator on a case can give confidence to the client and mitigate due diligence concerns based on factual resolutions.  The Supreme Court has even taken notice of the importance of investigations in criminal cases stating, “the need to develop all relevant facts in an adversary system is both fundamental and comprehensive to both sides. Such fact development cannot take place without investigation.  In turn adversarial balance cannot take place without investigation by both the prosecutor and defense.  Thus defense counsel’s duty to investigate rests on the recognition of pretrial investigation as perhaps the most critical stage of a lawyer’s presentation.” 

Covert Results investigators provide services to carefully investigate a case and provide thoughtful analysis on any information it yields. A proper investigation may disclose evidence the attorney and even the client could be unaware of and will highlight issues/tactics before or during trial. Corroboration of the case is the key to a successful partnership between attorney’s, clients and investigators. Our investigators’ many years’ of state and federal investigative/prosecutorial experience bring a unique insight to this process. 

Covert Results has been utilized on various types of cases and offers an array of services that can be performed. Each investigator is well trained to provide in-depth case reviews, critiques of evidence and government methods, witness location and interviews, litigation preparation, mitigation defenses, detailed case reports highlighting case strengths and weaknesses, and also expert testimony if the case requires. Each of these skills could be the difference between receiving praise or a complaint. See how Covert Results might help in your next case!

Covert Results is a licensed and insured private investigations and security company with over 100 years of experience. Our team of highly trained investigators and security experts are well versed in all types of investigations and security topics. With global connections through the Entrepreneurs Organization we are confident that peace of mind is in your future! For up to date information, experience shares, and laughs follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @CovertResults 615.861.1680