CEO Reveals Top 6 Takeaways Over 6 Years

With an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement, we are delighted to announce Covert Results' nomination for not just one but two prestigious accolades at the highly esteemed 2023 NEXT Awards & Entrepreneurs' Hall of Fame. As a finalist for both the Market Mover and Entrepreneur of the Year awards in the Products, Services, and Retail category. This coveted recognition underscores our dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services in the security industry for our community. 

End Of Year Review

We want to thank you for supporting Operation Rose; a human trafficking non-profit based in Tennessee. Operation Rose has had a successful year in advancing its mission of educating the public and creating actionable solutions to prevent and combat human trafficking. You have made this possible! Thank you for your time and contribution to put a stop to human trafficking.  As we announce the date for our 2nd annual benefit to battle human trafficking, we want to share and relive the highlights of 2022. 

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What’s Your Plan?

Super Bowl LVII is nearing, where the Philadelphia Eagles are going to face the Kansas City Chiefs. This is going to be a great match up! These two teams have been planning all year — they play regular season games, play and win play off games and now only two are left for the Super Bowl, the grand finale! 

If you’re a business owner and you’re not feeling prepared, you should plan ahead just like a professional team. Do better; plan better, and prepare with armed security. Planning ahead includes: taking a look at your security budget and potentially hiring armed security for your event, venue, building, business, or personal protection.

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Top 12 Apps for Private Investigators

Covert Results leverages technology to accomplish the goal of gaining intelligence on individuals and sharing confidential information with clients or co-workers. But, never discount the old school approach of “boots on the ground.” Covert Results works hard to gather all the information necessary to execute each work assignment. Although these apps make it easier than ever before, nothing replaces hard work. Technology is ever changing and hiring a private investigator that can keep up with the latest apps while continuing the put in the hard work is what Covert Results strives to do. Let us show you how much information we can dig up by only using the phone in our pocket.

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Protect Yourself – Concealed Carry Permit

People who own and carry firearms are often at odds over a number of things, among which is the requirement to get a concealed carry permit in Tennessee. Many purchase a firearm and are unaware on how to shoot, load ammo, care for, or safely store said firearm. Covert Results has crafted an online course that provides the option for safe, customized 90 minutes instructions to obtain your concealed carry permit. Our State Certified Instructors constantly encourage visiting a gun range to practice.

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Nashville Bomber – Who’s to Blame?

14 miles away from the RV packed with explosives, and I felt it. It shook my house. Within 10 minutes the news broke of an “accidental explosion.” I knew better, but my phone began to ding with messages. It wasn’t “Merry Christmas.” It was, “An RV pulled up blaring music, had a countdown, then a bomb went off.” Christmas was ruined for Nashville! It was stolen by Anthony Quinn Warner who perished in his selfish act. Who’s to blame? Click on the Tennesseean & USA Today article to find out what Robert Young of Covert Results had to say!

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PI Rules and Regulations

For a lot of people, including many potential clients, the appeal of a private investigator is the idea that they somehow operate outside the constraints of the law. They think cops and detectives are all snarled up in constitutional restraints and department policy and that PIs can go to almost any length to crack cases where the police have their hands tied. The reality is more complicated. Covert Results has the experience and knowledge for the rules and regulations for being a PI.

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