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As we mark the anniversary of the tragic school shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, it serves as a somber reminder of the importance of school safety. In response to this, Covert Results, in collaboration with Defend Systems, has been actively working to equip school teachers with essential training on how to respond to active shooter situations. As we reflect on this past year, it’s crucial for schools to prioritize safety training and take proactive measures to protect their students.

Here are the Top 4 things to consider when developing a school safety plan:

Cyber Security

Develop a Written Security Plan:
Ensuring school safety is an ongoing journey, demanding continuous evaluations and adjustments to counter emerging dangers. Schools must formulate a documented security blueprint, complete with standard operating procedures, to outline every aspect comprehensively. Additionally, conducting routine, thorough safety assessments is crucial for pinpointing potential weaknesses, like surveillance blind spots or insufficient security measures. By actively confronting these vulnerabilities and instating essential enhancements, schools can fortify their overall security stance, safeguarding students, faculty, and visitors alike.

Armed Security

Physical Armed Security Officer:
To safeguard your school community and ensure peace of mind, you must deploy physical armed security officers or police personnel. These dedicated professionals serve as a vital line of defense, diligently protecting your future – the students, educators, and staff.  Armed security officers’ presence provides an added layer of security, and strengthens confidence in the safety measures in place.

Private Investigations

Clear Communication Protocols:
Effective communication is key during a crisis, yet many schools overlook the importance of clear communication protocols in their safety plans. Schools should establish reliable channels of communication, including designated emergency contacts, communication devices, cameras to cover all angles, and procedures for disseminating information to all involved. By ensuring that everyone knows their role and how to communicate effectively during an emergency, schools can minimize confusion and expedite response efforts.


Comprehensive Training:
One of the most essential elements of a school safety plan is comprehensive training for teachers, staff, and students. This goes beyond traditional lockdown drills and includes active shooter response training that teaches individuals how to recognize potential threats, respond effectively during an incident, and provide aid to those in need. By investing in thorough training programs, schools empower their community to act swiftly and confidently in emergency situations.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for schools to prioritize safety and take proactive measures to prevent future incidents. By investing in comprehensive training, establishing clear communication protocols, and conducting regular safety assessments, schools can build a robust safety plan that safeguards their community against potential threats. At Covert Results, we remain committed to supporting schools in their efforts to create safe and secure learning environments for all. 

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