There is no doubt that crime is on the rise. It seems the local media outlets constantly showcase a long list of violent crimes that are occurring within the cities and around the United States. It’s no secret that crime spikes or goes up around the holidays, especially Christmas. Average hard working citizens are out and about enjoying time with friends and family. Families are searching and shopping for just the right gifts for their loved ones. But, what happens when your accounts are hacked, when your car window is smashed and gifts gone, or when a pistol is stuck in your face where your money is demanded. All things that can absolutely happen. This is just real life. Covert Results may not have all the answers, but here are 10 tips you can use this Christmas to help keep you and your family safe! 

1. Lock your car. A simple task that seems so hard for many. Thousands of cars are burglarized every day. Even worse, so many more have been stolen. If you have valuable items laying around in plain view then you are just making yourself a target for a break-in. Either place these items in your trunk or cover/hide them within your vehicle. 

2. Have a flashlight. Or two. What law enforcement training will teach you is that two is one and one is none. Don’t be caught in the dark without a flashlight. I am certain everyone has a smart phone in their possession, but that single light is just not enough, especially if you need to use your phone in an emergency. Purchase a good, reliable flashlight like a Streamline and have one in your bedroom and one in your car. 

3. Stay alert. You have heard the saying “keep your head on a swivel.” Well, just be alert and pay attention to your surroundings. If your head is buried in your phone as you walk to your car at night, then a potential thief or robber can be on top of you before you know it.  

4. Watch your child(ren). It is more common to lose sight of your child or children in a store or in a busy parking lot than someone kidnapping them. It all comes down to paying attention; sound familiar?! Consider coaching the kid(s) to find a uniformed officer or a store clerk if you are separated. Practice important names and phone numbers or place a bracelet or necklace on the child with identifying information. Some go as far as placing a small tracking device such as an Apple AirTag or Jiobit on their child so if they are separated, then they can quickly be found. 

5. Carry a firearm. This might be a controversial topic, but it comes down to personal safety and personal responsibility. If you choose to carry a handgun for protection, it is your responsibility to maintain it safely. Make certain you train often with the handgun you are carrying. Check local and state laws before arming yourself. For us, we rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Be careful and, for the love of God, don’t leave your gun unsecured or in plain view in your vehicle. 

6. Don’t broadcast your exit. Imagine if Kevin wasn’t even home (alone) because he made the flight and the teenage kids all posted how they were out of town for Christmas. Now, you probably don’t have to worry about the Marv’s, it’s Harry with the brains. He would be the one trolling Facebook for houses to hit. It would have been so much easier knowing their schedule when the whole family is broadcasting across all social media platforms that they are out of town. It’s just not a great idea. Wait until you get back home to post those cute pictures of cousins across the country. 

7. Delete phishing emails. This one may not affect your personal safety, but can darn sure drain your life savings if you are not careful. We are past the point of an Arabian Prince asking for 10 million dollars; the game has been upped. Just last week one email almost got us (Covert Results, a private investigations and security firm). An email from Facebook stating our account had been suspended and to click on the provided link to dispute the suspension. A simple click or hover over the sender’s email proved it was certainly not from Facebook, but it sure looked professional and legitimate. For your cyber security needs give Covert Results a call. 

8. Conduct a comprehensive background check. Around the holidays your time becomes more precious so you can spend more time with family, focusing on the important things. Vendors or a “handy man” may be coming into your home to make some needed updates or improvements. A simple background check on those persons coming into your home could prove some disturbing facts; or it could just put your mind at ease. 

9. Get cameras. No doubt cameras are a wonderful deterrent! Haven’t we already seen hundreds of surveillance videos of porch pirates snatching gifts this Christmas season? But, are those low life punks ever caught? Cameras are great, they are just reactive and not proactive but they are necessary. Whether surrounding your home, your business, or (even) your vehicle, cameras are a must. Have the signs displayed proudly, visible at the front entrance that cameras are active and rolling 24/7. Make sure you check the battery life as it could be time to swap out. Or it could be time for a total upgrade. Just go ahead and get them! 

10. Hire a professional armed security company like Covert Results. If you are in need of an armed security officer for your home, a private event, or a business give us a call at 615-861-1680 or email us at We will be happy to speak with you about your needs and we will guide you to the right plan to give you peace of mind. 

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