The beginning of 2020 has been no joke for our Nashville family. From tornadoes to the Coronavirus, our Tennesseans have been hit with a one-two punch. Although we have been asked to quarantine, Covert Results is urging everyone to still be smart. In this time of need it’s easy to miss things and fall victim to scams. Covert Results has compiled a few scams that have been highlighted in the news, along with our own personal experiences. 

When Nashville was hit by the tornado, we reacted in the best way possible. Nashvillians got to work by volunteering in person and donating as much money as possible to relief funds. However, there were some scam artists lurking in the shadows. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance advises to check the credentials of anyone trying to solicit relief funds. They have also advised us to look over “limited time offers;” many scammers do not want you to have the time to stop and consider where you’re sending your money. 

Another way scammers are coming through is using the COVID-19/Coronavirus tragedy. There are phony aka “phishing” emails being sent out posing as well known health organizations. There are a few things to look out for when receiving these emails. Review the email and look for grammatical and spelling errors. Also, look out for requests to enter personal information into these emails or links contained within them. If you believe the request could be legitimate, call the organization directly before providing any personal or sensitive information. If the email is bogus, delete it immediately.. 

Not only are individuals receiving phishing emails but businesses are also being targeted. Covert Results has personally dealt with these. Although our owner was quick to realize the poorly written email was a scam, other emails were not so easy to spot. One email received advised the potential client needed surveillance of his home since he was stuck out of town and could not return. This poor decision to try and scam a private investigations company ended up with Covert Results driving to the proposed location. Turns out he did not own this property or even live there. 

Between the scams and the panic, don’t forget to be smart. Certain companies need to hire people fast! Make sure you’re still researching these individuals. Covert Results can help! An easy fix, have us run a background check on any candidate. A quick search can keep any businesses from having any more tragedy come their way! Let Covert Results be the help you need. For a consultation on private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please email, call, or visit our website. 615-861-1680

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