Most would think that security guards and security officers are often the same person just under different titles. This is not accurate, because they work in very different occupations. Both share the same objective in their work, which is to keep something secure, or protect it. However, pay, responsibility, requirements, and level of experience can be quite different between the two. Security guards, compared to officers, have less training. Usually, a security guard would work under the supervision of a security officer, and could enter the field with just minimal experience and education. This is why Covert Results does not train security guards but security officers. 

Covert Results has top state certified trainers to teach each of our hired officers. We take time to ensure each hire has the best instruction to produce the best employees. This training includes courses on real life situations that could need de-escalation, producing detailed reports, and even firearms training. Covert Results has employed some of the best firearms instructors to provide hands on training for every hired officer. Our course provides trainees with information on their firearm, firearm safety, and shooting instruction from state certified trainers. Training all takes place in both a classroom and firearms range setting provided by Tennessee Gun Country. 

Covert Results has partnered with Tennessee Gun Country located in Clarksville, Tennessee. This store and indoor gun range has all the amenities needed to provide hands on training by Covert Results. Our two-day state certified armed guard class will cost only $150 for each trainee. We now have three state certified handgun instructors that exceed the basic qualifications for a state certified trainer. Each instructor utilizes law enforcement and military operations experience to present real-life scenarios and role play that provides a better learning experience. The new partnership with Tennessee Gun Country will include incentives for those that take our certified armed guard class. Those that produce their credentials will be able to receive a discount from Tennessee Gun Country located at 1435 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Clarksville, TN 37042. 

Covert Results is also revamping our online concealed carry permit course on If you or anyone you know is wanting to get their concealed carry permit; it’s now easier than ever! For only $39 and 90 minutes of your time you can receive in depth training and knowledge on firearm safety, current Tennessee gun laws, and real life scenarios. Covert Results’ main position is to promote responsible gun ownership and provide elite training for those that want to carry firearms. 

Covert Results is a private investigations and armed security company with years of experience. Our team is a group of highly trained individuals who are well versed in all types of investigation matters. We now have a new dedicated office in Clarksville, located with Patton and Pittman, 101 N. Third Street, Clarksville, TN 37040. Covert Results is available to advise on how we could help your case, give pricing for the type of work you’re looking for, and even answer questions on how you could become a trained armed security officer. If you or your attorney find yourself asking about private investigations, professional armed security, or handgun training, please email, call, or visit our website.  615-861-1680

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