At Covert Results we pride ourselves on our advanced surveillance abilities and techniques to get the job done. There are six licensed private investigators with Covert Results with more than 50 years of combined experience all spent at the Specialized Investigations Division with the Metro Nashville Police Department. The other eight licensed private investigators with Covert Results provide a wide array of backgrounds and experience to include corporate investigations, loss prevention, federal backgrounds, and a pilot. The pilot is now certified as a drone pilot who will be getting high resolution digital pictures and videos of case scenes. 

So let’s get into the good stuff; the juicy details that you want to hear about this cheater! A Nashville attorney referred Covert Results as a trusted private investigations firm that could conduct surveillance and get the job done. The lead investigator worked directly with the Client to learn the overall goal. Based on the intelligence we received about the possible cheating spouse, Covert Results private investigators devised a plan to begin surveillance from the home on a weekend night. One the first night of surveillance it was determined that the spouse was not actually cheating, so after four hours and to save on the client’s budget, we decided to terminate surveillance. 

The lead investigator worked with the Client over the next week to come up with a slightly different plan in an attempt to (hopefully) provide a different outcome. It was decided to establish surveillance outside of the alleged cheating spouses’ place of work. Initially the target was suppose to get off work early, but was actually not observed leaving until almost two hours after their original time of departure. 

Once all the coworkers were gone from the office, two subjects appeared from the building and walked toward the only two cars in the parking lot. Nothing was suspicious about that at all until the two didn’t get into the respective vehicles and immediately leave. Did I mention that it was about 30 degrees outside that night. After nearly an hour conversation and some possible flirting in the parking lot the two departed in separate vehicles. The three investigators conducting the surveillance had pre-planned to take the target, while one of the other investigators collected the tag off the car driven by the person speaking with the target in the parking lot. The plan worked perfectly and the tag was gathered. Shocker! A 20 year age gap between these two. Well that’s just another red flag in our world, but we didn’t jump to a final conclusion. 

We stayed our course and continued to follow the target. Just know that it is nearly impossible to follow someone effectively by yourself. It may cost more, but when your target starts doing heat runs you can rely on the people with you that know what they are doing. 

Three hours into the surveillance and the target grabs dinner. Thank goodness because we were getting hungry too! Two of the investigators were able to get close enough to overhear a conversation, a rather loud one that sounded like an argument. A whole lot of animated arm waving as well was going on. After dinner the target headed to the car and sped out of the parking lot as if they were mad. 

Next, as if you couldn’t have guessed this part, the target drove straight to a rural area of Middle Tennessee where the target vehicle pulled into a home. Since we had already gathered the tag from the coworker earlier in the evening, we had an idea of where the target was going. We love it when a plan comes together. A short time later the two coworkers set out on the town, galavanting all around. We were able to get all the pictures and videos needed! And we noted that on the way to this area of town there were several dangerous curves and turns that made it obvious that this wasn’t the first trip they made to the paramour’s residence,

After notifying the Client and delivering the bad, but expected news, we were able to guide our client to make some good decisions. We also suggested getting phone tolls on the spouses phone to compare the number of contacts the spouse has had with the coworker. If ordered by the court or legally allowed, Covert Results also offered to utilize our new Cellebrite technology to download or extract any cell phone data from the cheating spouses phone and put any messages into an easy to read report and later testify if needed. Cellebrite technology is phenomenal and used by many local, state, and Federal authorities. Several Covert Results investigators have been using Cellebrite for the past 8 years, but it was just recently that Covert Results was able to secure Cellebrite Enterprise strictly for Covert Results. 

Covert Results is excited to announce that our private investigations and security firm operating in Middle Tennessee has secured Cellebrite. This is amazing technology and a highly sought after tool in most investigations. Currently Covert Results will be utilizing the UFED 4PC Ultimate, UFED Cloud Analyzer, and Physical Analyzer. Covert Results owner Robert “Bobby” Young has now completed and certified in The Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (CMFF), the Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO), and the Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) and will be sharing information and experiences with other Covert Results investigators. Several investigators with Covert Results, including Bobby Young have experience utilizing Cellebrite while with the Metro Nashville Police Department and the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force. 

Cellebrite “empowers agencies to modernize their investigative workflow and close a widening public safety gap driven by the ever-growing digital sophistication of crimes and evidence.” Based on alarming statistics on the Cellebrite website, since COVID there has been a 30% uptick in murders. The website also states that 67% of cases involve a major digital component, although based on our experience in the criminal, civil, and corporate investigations we know that it’s much higher! 

Covert Results is excited to announce that we have secured this new software and are eager to get started in helping our clients achieve their goal when it comes to evidence and digital forensics. 

Covert Results is a licensed and insured private investigations and security company with over 100 years of experience. Our team of highly trained investigators and security experts are well versed in all types of investigations and security topics. With global connections through the Entrepreneurs Organization we are confident that peace of mind is in your future! For up to date information, experience shares, and laughs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @CovertResults