The Shocking Story Your Phone’s Search History Can Tell!

Unlock the power of digital intelligence with Covert Results and Cellebrite! Our cutting-edge technology reveals the truth hidden in cell phone searches, helping bring justice to victims and safeguarding the public. Choose transparency, choose efficiency—choose Covert Results for unparalleled expertise in digital investigations.

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Cost of Hiring a PI

Hiring a private investigator can be spooky, but don’t fret Covert Results is here to guide you through the best process to obtain peace of mind. In a world where curiosity often collides with the need for information, the services of a private investigator become a valuable resource. However, the burning question for many remains: How much does a private investigator cost? Let's delve into the intricacies of these investigative services and explore the factors that influence their price tags. At Covert Results, we give you our Peace of Mind Promise!

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PI vs Lawyer

Covert Results investigations division attracts all walks of life. We go above and beyond to help every single client in every way possible. Many times we get a request to conduct an investigation and we always ask if the client is working directly with an attorney or lawyer on their case. A potential client does not have to have a lawyer to engage with our firm, but it is best to achieve your goal if the investigation is worked in tandem with a lawyer.

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A Typical Day with A PI

At Covert Results Investigations and Security Firm, each day starts with a cup of coffee. There is “no tellin” why we were out late the night before, but I can promise you that it was something interesting. Some of the more recent cases that Covert Results has investigated have involved: cyber security, counter surveillance, child custody, vehicle theft, oh, and a jewelry heist. Everyday can be something different, and that’s what keeps our private investigators and security experts on their toes.

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What Does a PI Do?

It is clear, after five years in business the general public does not really know or understand exactly what a licensed private investigator does. Covert Results, a private investigations and security company in Nashville, Tennessee has learned a thing or two about the market and the customers. At Covert Results we listen to the story, whether driven by stress or fear, and put a plan in place. Investigators develop a plan to help the potential client and guide them to their goal. Click on this link to read this short blog to view a list of a few services, along with stories from past cases.

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Top 12 Apps for Private Investigators

Covert Results leverages technology to accomplish the goal of gaining intelligence on individuals and sharing confidential information with clients or co-workers. But, never discount the old school approach of “boots on the ground.” Covert Results works hard to gather all the information necessary to execute each work assignment. Although these apps make it easier than ever before, nothing replaces hard work. Technology is ever changing and hiring a private investigator that can keep up with the latest apps while continuing the put in the hard work is what Covert Results strives to do. Let us show you how much information we can dig up by only using the phone in our pocket.

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Organized Retail Crime Prevention

Organized Retail Crime is at an all time high. Prevention and apprehension can save you and your company millions! From conducting security assessments to deter the criminal element, to consulting on camera systems including facial recognition, and even conducting a full investigation by tracking potential suspects and working parallel with local authorities, Covert Results has you covered. WIth over 100 years of law enforcement and investigative experience combined, we are confident you can trust in our judgement.

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Child Custody Surveillance

Private Investigating in the “domestic” realm is often thought of as “catching the cheater.” However, the more common aspect is after a divorce has happened and parents are battling for custody of their children. Unfortunately, with the high rate of divorce, many individuals find themselves in court negotiating time with their kids. We have seen an increase in these type of cases for Covert Results and we have the experience to investigate these cases so that evidence is legally obtained and can be introduced in court.

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Hemp Industry Security

Hemp farms in Tennessee have grown exponentially over the past few years. According to the TN Department of Agriculture there are over 3,000 hemp farms in Tennessee (and a few in neighboring states) as of May 2020. Issues can arise with this type of rise in hemp production. One of these issues can be theft of said hemp plants. Although motion censored lights and cameras can help catch or deter thieves, armed security is better to ensure complete protection. Covert Results has professional armed security officers experienced in guarding hemp production farms.

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Scaling to Billions

The team at Covert Results is constantly looking for avenues to improve. This week we were invited by EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) to attend the Scaling Up Reignite Summit 3.0. Moderated by Verne Harnish, founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), with over 13,000 members worldwide, and chair, for fifteen years, of EO’s premiere CEO program, the “Birthing of Giants” held at MIT, a program which he still teaches in today. Panel speakers included: Mark Cuban, Steve Forbes, Kat Cole, David Gardner, and other very successful entrepreneurs.

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